How to fix wallpaper on mac

Apple's standard lock-screen image with OS X El Capitan and Yosemite before it is a blurred version of your desktop wallpaper. If you have grown tired of this look, then you can add your own wallpaper.

How to Change Your Mac’s Desktop Wallpaper Automatically

You can also add a message to your lock screen, which can add a bit of fun, motivation or information to your Mac after you log out. Lastly, you can change the user icon for your account and any other accounts you have set up on your Mac. Let's dive in. For best results, you'll want to find an image that is the same resolution as your Mac's display or resize a larger image to your Mac's resolution.

How to set a wallpaper from google to your Macbook

To check the resolution of your display, click the Apple button in the top-left corner and choose About This Mac. Your Mac's resolution is listed on the Displays tab. After you find and download an image you want to use, you'll need to convert it to a PNG file format.

First, choose PNG from the Format menu at the bottom of the window.

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Then at the top, give the file this name: The resulting file name must be exactly as follows:. This opens the Caches folder. You will already have a file with the above name that OS X uses for your lock-screen wallpaper.

4 Ways to Change the Wallpaper on a Mac - wikiHow

Drag your image into the Caches folder and click Replace. Now, the next time you log out, you will see your custom wallpaper. If you change your desktop wallpaper, however, OS X will replace your custom image with the standard, blurred version of whatever you chose for your new desktop wallpaper.

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  7. Although you will erase your sweet custom lock-screen wallpaper when you choose a new desktop wallpaper, it does mean that you don't need to bother with backing up the default file in the Cache folder when you replace it with your own image because OS X adds a new file to the Cache folder each time you choose a new desktop wallpaper. If you're using multiple displays , drag the Photos window over the desktop that you want to change.

    Change your desktop picture from System Preferences

    Control-click or right-click the image that you want to use. Select Share from the shortcut menu, then choose Set Desktop Picture from the submenu. Change your desktop picture from the Finder From a Finder window or your desktop, locate the image file that you want to use. Control-click or right-click the file, then choose Set Desktop Picture from the shortcut menu.

    Change your desktop picture (background)

    Learn more You can use these image formats for desktop pictures: How to change your iPhone wallpaper. Published Date: Mon Sep 24 Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is