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Touching the ground or water will turn fly mode off. Left shift: This will almost completely hide your name, which can be useful to hide from people on multiplayer servers. Opens up your inventory.

Drops the current selected item in your hot bar on the ground. Note that you can also use your mouse to drop an item in your inventory by clicking on the item and then clicking anywhere outside of the inventory interface.

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Numeric keys Selects the corresponding place on the hot bar. Mouse controls Your mouse is used to look around while in game, as well as aim your bow and swords and change the camera view in 3rd person and front view mode. The mouse buttons work as follows: Left mouse button: This is used to attack other players and monsters. Click to move items in your inventory or other interfaces, like a crafting table.

Click and hold it to pull back your bow and release it to fire an arrow. Click and hold it to break blocks, with your hands or specific tools.

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Right mouse button: Aim and click to place a block anywhere around you. Click and hold, while holding food, to eat and restore your hunger bar. Click to use items, such as chests, levers and crafting tables, as well as shears on sheep and leaves, hoe grass and dirt into farmland and ride vehicles. Mouse scroll button: Scroll through the items in your hot bar. These can also be accessed by using the numeric number keys Shift clicking You can also use your mouse and shift to perform specific tasks in the game interfaces, like the crafting table and furnace.

By shift clicking you speed block movement up in: Crafting tables: Shift clicking on the crafted item will create the maximum amount of items you can make with the items in the crafting interface. Check out the new answer. It's not a lie!

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This is most useful when crafting a lot of something that takes only one ingredient. At this point your inventory should be totally full, with some of the ingredient in slots 1 and 2 of your hotbar. Arrange for a large amount of the ingredient to be on the ground at your feet. This can be done by breaking a chest full of only the ingredient. As you do this, more items will be picked up off the ground to replace them. Shift click the crafted item into your inventory into the slots you reserved for it in step 1.

Tested in vanilla: Nice hidden feature! Here's list of controls to quickly move around items in your inventory that I know of: See this answer that contradicts this one. I thought it must be a mod, but I just tested it in vanilla and it works. Just leaving you a note here in case you want to delete or update to avoid downvotes.

Also, now you can enjoy this hidden feature. SevenSidedDie Thanks for notifying me!

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I should've actually tried to experiment with the crafting table before coming up with my answer. The world of Minecraft is made of cubic blocks, materials such as dirt or stone, that you can break down and rebuild into houses or craft into useful items.

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A block made of a material such as sand is referred to as a sand block. Because the side length of every block measures 1 meter, most distances are measured in blocks as well: In addition to building and crafting, you have to defend against monsters and eventually face them head-on. As the game progresses, your goal becomes less about surviving and more about building structures, gathering resources, and facing challenges to gain access to more blocks and items.

To survive, you have to know how to move around, attack enemies, and manipulate the blocks that comprise the world. The table lists the default key assignments for each control. Walk around and explore the world. Related Book Minecraft For Dummies.

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