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Enabling World Builder is a limited victory when you can't actually save files. Redking , Apr 9, SlySlySly , Apr 9, So, please tell how. Redking , Apr 10, SlySlySly , Apr 10, Save it" isn't exactly an explanation of HOW to save it. There is no obvious mechanism to save a map. So if you know what it is, please share it. Thank you. Redking , Apr 12, Mar 15, Messages: For Brave New World.

Gods and Kings version here. Civ Names by Policies. Created by Lex. For BNW only. If you are going to ask a questions about the mod algorithm, name specific, localization, etc. Special thanks to SaintDaveUK for many additions to naming system. Faster Aircraft Animations. This mod speed up aircraft combat animation x2 You can change that speed factor by editing the file FasterAircraft.

This is a stand-alone edit of my Historical Religions mod you do not need to use the main mod to use this version , which can be found here: Unique Cultural Influence. Created by Ryoga. Each culture is unique, and their influence on other cultures is also unique.

Steam Workshop :: Civ 5 Great Mods for Mac OS

If you think Arabia, Japan and Zulu aren't supposed to sell blue jeans and pop music, then this mod is for you. With "Unique Cultural Influence" the effect of becoming "inf Trading Posts Grow into Towns. Created by TofuSojo. The Towns are still improvements, not a new city. I loved this system as I Created by framedarchitecture. Allows workers to plant forests on Plains, Grassland, Tundra and Snow tiles once Fertilizer is discovered. Workers can also plant forests on un-owned tiles outside your borders.

Reforestation replaces existing improvements and features, and has a small cha Created by FantomFx. Before you ask: Fortress Borders. Created by preffect.

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This mod adds cultural borders to fortresses expanded one tile away. This mod will allow you to claim resources or expand your borders without building cities you don't want to have. You can also now support battle lines far outside of your territory, by b Created by donquiche. Preview the map. Not satisfied? Generate a new map and restart! This is a new version that fixes many problems and overcomes previous limitations.

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  • Cultural Diffusion. Culture spread from cities, each tile can host culture from multiple civilizations. You can still buy tiles, but they can flip to another Civilization if it has more culture than you on it, and units can capture tiles both optional. Culture diffusion is In this mod you'll play as Poundmaker, a great Cree chief well honored for his wisdom in dealing with the Canadian government in the colonial era. Raised by the great Blackfoot chief Crowfoot, Poundmaker was also instrumental for bringing peace between the Adds a new Health yield that can boost city growth, and Plagues that can spread through the world, devastating cities and units in their wake.

    Cities convert Health it into food postive health increases city food stores, negative health reduces city food MC's India Civilisation Pack. The Indian Subcontinent was home to many empires and countless cultures which rose and fell throughout its recorded history. Nestled between the Indus and Ganges rivers, Indian civilizations developed a unique culture of unparalelled grandiosity, majesty a Improved Lighthouse. Created by thecrazyscotsman. Alternate download here [www.

    Updates the Lighthouse to make Lake tiles more useful. Also adds Tourism later in the game. The Lighthouse now provides: PerfectWorld3 - Updated. Created by Bobert Synopsis This is an updated version of PerfectWorl3 by Cephalo. It is intended to look play and feel like PerfectWorld.

    I have implemented numerous bugfixes and optimizations as well as altering how some map elements get placed. I've added Natural Wonder Yields Mod. This mod rebalances all natural wonders and disables the mythic ones, Fountain of Youth and El Dorado. First, all natural wonders now give a 2 happiness bonus once they're claimed by a player and within their borders, along with the existing 1 happiness Natural Wonder Overhaul. Created by KingOfDale. This mod aims to make natural wonders more interesting.

    This is accomplished in 3 ways - Increases natural wonder spawn rates - Increases natural wonder variety - Buffs weak natural wonders Wonders Per Map - Duel - 4 Tiny - 7 Smal Created by layelaye. Weakens the ranged unit line, while strengthening the melee line. Great Admiral Aquaculture. Created by SushiSquid. The Aquaculture will expend a Great Admiral to immediately create an improved Fish resource on the tile.

    CIVILIZATION VI - How to Prepare for War

    Once built, Aquaculture replaces itself immediately with a Fishing Boat Promotion Melee Ranged Correction. Created by Teddyk. Basically, some of units have "bad" upgrading path, making some promotions useless upon upgrade. This mod switches some of promotions with adequate ones upon unit upgrade. Lancers to cavalry. This is a simple mod that changes the upgrade path for Lancers to Cavalry.


    From what I read above, the game is playable, no? My spec: And the game runs painfully slow… at low settings.

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    Got not other program running, just the OS and Steam. Using the following machine config:. Aspyr did a bad job on porting this game, probably they are using Transgaming or some kind of technology to emulate DX9.

    I hope they give us a native port in the near future. All video settings to slow or inactive when possible. This is ridiculous. I can play Dragon Age on this machine…. I have a 2 yr old MacBook Pro, which does meet the min. I also have a window installation on my pro, and the windows version runs like a breeze. It crashes once in a while, nothing too dramatic.

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    And when I built the thing all the parts cost less than a grand — less than any macbook pro. Got a MBP Retina 13 inch a few weeks ago and installed civ5 last night. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Essjay says: November 23, at 6: Parakeet says: Aaron Chow says: November 23, at 7: Peter says: November 27, at 6: KC says: November 23, at BC says: November 24, at 4: Todd Bradley says: November 25, at Mike says: