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Keyboard and trackpad disabled at login, keeps searching for Bluetooth

Traces of the app can be left behind in files. The trackpad on MacBook is one of the best around and it works brilliantly with macOS… When it actually is working, that is. If a failure to register clicks is the problem for the trackpad not working on your Mac, you can disable Force Click. How you do this depends on whether or not your MacBook has a detachable battery.

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If both the keyboard and trackpad are not working, your MacBook is nothing more than a monitor, albeit a very pretty one. You can use a Bluetooth or wireless mouse or keyboard, but if you wanted to do that you could have just bought an iMac instead. Property List plist files are used to store user preference files related to software.

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Deleting them will reset your keyboard and trackpad back to factory settings. Before you go ahead and do this, you should backup your Mac using the Time Machine in case anything goes wrong. If problems with the keyboard and trackpad have recently appeared you can restore your Mac to a previous date using the Time Machine. The issue could be due to a recent system change and a restore can repair it.

This method will require you to have Time Machine set up to backup data to a storage device. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. CleanMyMac X. When I received the code, I stopped pressing the power button and typed in the code. My grandson has a MacBook Air whose keyboard is unresponsive. He cannot get past the sign on screen. I have not tried to connect a wireless keyboard ….

Cheers — Marin. You seem to have tried a PRAM reset but it should be Cmd-Opt-P-R, and you should here the chime when the Apple logo appears at startup, keep the keys pressed until you have heard the chime twice to be sure , but also try an SMC reset Shutdown, not sleep , then hold Shift-Ctl-Opt on the left side only and also hold Power for 10 seconds, release all keys then press Power as normal to switch on. Thank you for your help. My problem was that the keyboard icon appeared in the Bluetooth list of my Macbook Air but I kept getting a message that it would not connect.

I found in the end that the solution for me was to remove the keyboard and then add it again. Once it was rediscovered, the code appeared and now everything is fine. Borrow any wired USB keyboard or mouse from a PC or Mac for the sake of being able to do any keyboard or mouse input to get around the problem. The annoying notification appearing in the bottom centre of the screen.

There is not the same switch on this model as the AA battery type so the above procedure is not appropriate. However, your problem is not with establishing a connection with the Mac, but in maintaining it. This suggests that the keyboard may be experiencing interference from other devices on the same frequency as Bluetooth, namely 2. It would be good to see if you can reduce sources of interference, or look at how the keyboard and the Mac are situated to see if there is a source of interference or something that might be otherwise degrading the signal.

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  8. Also, check the batteries you are using, power fluctuations might be affecting the keyboard circuitry and its ability to maintain a connection. Magic mouse issue, which appeared when I updated Abode Flash not sure if its coincidence or not.

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    The mouse now only tracks vertically, in line, and not allow any other movement. I reset the bluetooth as you described and now the mouse can very slowly move around a little bit at a time. But still not any where need the speed one would fine acceptable. I ave a new Apple brand bluetooth keyboard.

    bluetooth - Can't pair apple wireless keyboard - Ask Different

    Silly me…. Numerous previous attempts to pair had failed. The Mac said the keyboard was there, but pairing failed. I then slid the switch to ON and held it there. Yes, probably silly. I clicked on Pair and it worked. Thanks for this Dave. I have an older model magic keyboard and a MacBook Pro.

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    I carried out these steps to get the keyboard connected. Whether it stays connected remains to be seen! Within seconds, I was able to use the keyboard. Thank you! Just wanted to say thank you!

    MacBook keyboard and trackpad not working? Try these troubleshooting tips

    The holding the power button and entering the passcode allowed my Keyboard to reconnect!!! Your email address will not be published. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Skip to content.

    Share this: Cinderford to Sugar Loaf. Thank you, it took two attempts but now works on my new Mac Book Air. Brilliant — worked a treat. I had struggled for hours. Thank you. It worked!! Thank you so much!! Can literally type this on my keyboard. My keyboard has a slide switch.