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Looking for a good substitute for Broderbund's 'The Print Shop'. Posted by suebrown on 24 May I am the I.

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Specialist for a homeless shelter for families. We have a preschool for all the children that come through the shelter. Our preschool teacher, therefore, often needs to make colorful banners, posters and notices for the kids and their parents. I know that Broderbund's "The Print Shop" does an excellent job making items like this. But as always in the world of non-profits, budget contraints don't give us much in the way of funds for software.

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The Print Shop Mac OS X Edition 1.0

So, I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a good substitute even open sourced if it's for Windows for "The Print Shop" or else some place where we might get it super cheap or donated. Being a techie, I love going deeply into a program and learning it. However, most of the people here are computer users who want their software to work right out of the box with hardly any training or learning curve. And Photoshop excellent program that it is or something like it, therefore, wouldn't meet the need because no one here has the time to teach himself or herself how to use it or to be taught how to use it.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, I would be most appreciative.

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You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Posted by karlchwe on 26 May 4: I have had good results with just MS Word. It just takes a little more finagling.

Print Shop Introduction

But you can do a lot with clip art, tables and text boxes. I am sure its open source counterparts can do the same. HTH, Karl.

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Posted by j. Have you looked at Scribus? It free open source software that has many features though it is easy to use. You can also import your own photos into Print Shop projects. The Print Shop integrates very nicely with iPhoto. When you select Insert: If your images need to be touched up, you can use The Print Shop's Photo Workshop feature to perform basic color correction, sharpening, and cropping.

In the Fix Flaws section, you'll find tools for correcting red-eye, pet-eye the green glow that makes your beloved pet appear demonic , dust marks and scratches, and shiny faces -- a truly useful tool that is like applying face powder after the fact.

Software MacKiev - The Print Shop Technical Support

You can also apply a variety of Artistic Effects to change or enhance a photo's appearance. All of the Photo Workshop tools work well. However, since there's no way to zoom in on the tiny preview image when adjusting colors or sharpness -- two particularly tricky tasks -- judging the effectiveness of your work without first applying the changes to your image can be almost impossible. If you don't like what you see, you'll have to undo the changes and start again.

The Print Shop 3 for Mac Software MacKiev

The program provides a searchable collection of quotes and verses, so you can add words of inspiration to your projects. But working with text can be frustrating. To edit text, you must first double-click on the text box, which opens in a white text window. This makes it difficult to work with light-colored text though white text turns black and is therefore easy to see. To leave the editing window -- so you can adjust text-box size or position -- you must click elsewhere on your screen and then reselect the text box. And I longed for more control over the spacing of multiple lines of text.

One thing that really sets The Print Shop apart from similar consumer-oriented design applications is its superb integration with Apple applications. In addition to connecting to iPhoto albums, The Print Shop can also import iCal events into Calendar templates, download song lists from iTunes to use on CD labels, and print mailing labels from Address Book contacts -- although the Mail Merge feature is a bit unintuitive. It's a small touch, but one that shows care and attention to detail.

Thanks to its many templates and its simplified interface, the program is easy enough for young family members to use and versatile enough to allow for true creativity. Panther Secrets Declassified. Center of Attention. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. At a Glance. Getting Started The Print Shop offers templates for 14 types of projects, including greeting cards, calendars, CD labels and booklets, letterhead, pamphlets, banners, and business cards.